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About Us


   RunGen stands for Running Generation. RunGen is an event management company specialized in organizing running events. It was established with the intention of raising awareness on community issues through running events. Community issues has always been a major problem in this era, and to solve this uprising issue, we should join hands together to build stronger communities.


   We strive to create the best running experience and deliver an unforgettable running event to every single person who crosses the finishing line. We are committed to continuously add new challenging and exciting running events in the future. No matter you’re a runner, a triathlete or just an ordinary walker, that doesn’t matter; just participate and have fun!


   Our team wish to raise awareness on social issues which are uncommon for the nation through running events. Based on the trend, we truly believe that nation can be united through running events and so consciousness can be spread to a wide range of people. We might not be able to produce huge impactful differences in the world, but we can create a world of difference in a few people’s lives. Run Together! To create awareness. Run Together! To stand as a financial support for them. Run Together! To have courage. Run Together! That’s the key to SUCCESS!