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BLINDFOLD RUN 2018 "By Your Sight"

DATE     25 March 2018, Sunday

VENUE   Bukit Jalil Recreation Park

TIME      7.00AM - 11.00AM

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Participants will undergo a 3 km walk. One of them would need to be blindfolded (excluding the visually impaired) and there will be checkpoints after 1.5km for role switching in order for the pairs to have an equal chance to experience being blind.

There will be exciting game session about the human 5 senses ! Don't miss this chance !

  • Participation Fee
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  • Programme Flow
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  • What to wear and bring

Participant are all required to wear the race tee that is found in the goodie beg that you have collected earlier. Please remember to bring along the eye mask that is provided in the goodie bag as well.

Whoever miss out their eye mask on the event day, they are required to purchase it at our registration counter. Do not forget to wear along your comfortable casual or running shoes to minimize any unnecessary discomfort during the event.

  • Where To Deposit The Baggage

All baggage will be deposited and collected at a designated baggage area. However, we do encourage all runners to travel light and carry along the valuable item with them throughout the whole run! Facilitator will be assigned to look after the baggage area.

  • What If It Is Bad Weather On That Day

The event will be carry on unless there are further instructions. Facilitator will guide all the participant the shortest way back to the gathering point. Participants are allowed to take off their mask if there are heavy rains.

Please be reminded, all will carry on as usual even it is raining unless the organiser made an official announcement!