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 Blindness is known to be one of the major international public health issues. Nowadays, blind communities are facing lots of roadblocks in life, but they never give up. It is worth looking into their determination and perseverance. We, who are fortunate to be granted with sight, should share this precious gift with the less fortunate by showing simple acts of care and support. A little consideration, a little thought and together, we can create a better tomorrow for the blind communities and the visually impaired people. The proposed of this event "By Your Sight" by Running Generation Company will be conducted as a 3km charity walkathon. The walkathon will be in the form of blindfolded-paired walking. Visually impaired people from Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) will also be involved and guided by volunteers throughout the walkathon. This event is mainly to provide an opportunity for people to show care and support towards the blind communities and the visually impaired people.

  Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) Established in 1951, by Major D. R. Bridges, a former British army and then the Department of Social Welfare. It is a premier voluntary organization in Malaysia, serving the blind and visually-impaired persons. It provides services that help the blind in many aspects and prevent the tragedy of avoidable blindness. In addition to the abovementioned services, MAB also runs a Braille Library, a “Talking-book” Library (of CDs and MP3s), a Braille Publishing Unit, an Information Technology Centre, Resource Centre and a Sale and Production Unit, to name a few.  Its prevention of blindness programmes are realized through the eye hospital, Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital (THONEH) established by MAB, in 1986. Malaysian Association for the Blind always works towards creating greater public awareness concerning the abilities and capabilities of the visually-impaired persons under its charge.   In order to achieve its goals, the Association, being a non-profit organization depends very much on public donation and assistance.   MAB is indeed, very thankful to all its well-wishers for their kind support throughout its seventy-six years. 




  • Help visually-impaired persons to overcome their visual problems
  • Prepare them for a vocation, secure gainful employment in order to be independent
  • Upgrade their quality of life and provide opportunities for full integration
  • Help prevent blindness
  • Inform and create public awareness regarding the needs and capabilities of persons with visual impairment



  • Take necessary steps to upgrade quality of life for persons with visual impairment by providing rehabilitation, education, vocational training, placement and after-care.
  • Achieve and make recommendations to the government and relevant authorities on all aspects concerning visually-impaired persons.
  • Encourage and help carry out programmes for blindness prevention.